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The art of staging or acting in plays


  1. The performance must be a minimum of three (3) minutes and maximum of five (5) minutes. (Contestants not adhering to the minimum and maximum time requirements are subject to point deduction and/or disqualification.)
  1. The selection must be of literate quality.
  1. The material must be memorized.
  1. Costumes, makeup, and props are optional, but not required.

 NOTE:  The deadline for submission of National registration documents is the first Friday in May. No materials or copies will b e accepted at the National Competition.

Contestants Will Be Judged By The Following Criteria:

  • Projection   (10 pts.)
  • Structure  (10pts.): Does the performance have transitions/beats and a clear beginning, middle, climax, and end?  
  • Memorization  (10pts.)
  • Movement (10pts.): Is the blocking clear and does the actor commit to and follow through with his/her movements and gestures? 
  • Emotional Connection and Honesty  (10pts.): Are you really "selling" that you are becoming this character  or are you simply "play-acting" ? 
  • Imagination and Creativity (15pts.): Are you bringing something different to the piece or are you just reciting lines?  
  • Stage Presence  (10pts.)
  • Character Work  (10pts.)
  • Specificity of Acting Choices (10pts.): Clear pursuit of Actions/Objectives
  • Creation of the Space (5pts.)

ACT-SO Expanding The Minds Of Our Youth

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